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About me. Drawings is my live

About me

La Petra:
Slovak artist and draughtswoman, I work with ballpoint pen and live in Bratislava.
I create detailed drawings that I work on in my studio.
I create reimagined places inspired by real ones.
In some of these places I depict stories that could have happened.
I use my imagination to materialize what has evoked emotions.
My goal is to make the viewer feel at ease, a sense of something familiar.

In terms of creation, the journey has been remarkable.
Ten years ago, I discovered my passion for art and expressed myself through vibrant acrylic paints and soft pastels.
Five years ago I delved into the fascinating world of charcoal and pencil, adding depth and texture to my drawings.
And now, in the last year, I have embarked on a captivating exploration with the humble ballpoint pen, creating intricate masterpieces that push the boundaries of the imagination.

Drawings is my life.
I have honed my skills through private drawing lessons with talented artists from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. These lessons have allowed me to explore various techniques and develop my unique style.

Additionally, I have also received private painting lessons with esteemed artists from the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, further expanding my artistic horizons.

To enhance my knowledge and gain valuable insights, I have sought private consultations with teachers from The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague Prague.

Moreover, I have had the privilege of attending the Summer Academy of Painting at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague Prague, where I immersed myself in an inspiring environment, surrounded by fellow artists.

Join me on this incredible artistic journey, as I continue to pursue my passion for drawings and bring them to life.

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